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We can get there today

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No extra charges or hidden costs

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Carpet Cleaning Applecross

Outstanding results that make old carpets look like new at Perth's most affordable steam carpet cleaning prices.

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Chances are, if you’re like many Applecross homeowners, you don’t realise your carpets need a good clean until they’re a little too dirty or something has spilled and your regular household products just won’t get the stain out.

That’s where the professional Applecross carpet cleaners at Cleanetic Cleaning Services come in with the latest carpet cleaning equipment and products that are relentless on stains but safe for your carpets, children/pets and friendly towards the environment.

Best of all, Cleanetic Cleaning Services provide some of the cheapest carpet cleaning Applecross residents will find without any compromise on the quality of service. With 3 rooms professionally steam cleaned at Perth's most affordable prices – there’s no reason not to pick up the phone and call us on (08) 6261 5940 now.

Or, fill out a contact form below and we’ll get back to you through your preferred contact method (so if you’re at work the boss won’t find out your organising your carpets to be cleaned!).

More Than Great Prices

We know the result and the price is important as it’s the first thing people usually ask about when they call us up. However, we know it’s the little things that go the distance and provide a truly great carpet cleaning service to Applecross residents.

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An Experience You’ll Love

Experience clean carpets that are not just free from stains, but from dirt and odour. You’ll be amazed at what lives embedded in your carpet and even the best household vacuums just don’t cut it. With the latest and greatest in carpet cleaning, Applecross residents can experience clean and fresh carpets almost as if they were new. It’s little wonder that once customers experience our service once, we become their Applecross carpet cleaners of choice and happily recommend us to their friends, family and colleagues.

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Professional Carpet Cleaners

We’re so much more than just a man in a van with some carpet cleaning equipment. With full business licensing and insurance, you can have peace of mind with Cleanetic Cleaning Services that everything can be looked after in the event of any damage caused to your carpets or any other part of your home as a result of our presence. All of our Applecross carpet cleaners are professionally presented neatly uniformed and arriving in a clearly marked Cleanetic Cleaning Services van, are friendly, all Police checked and cleared and show respect around your home.

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Can We Guarantee Stains Are Gone?

Whilst Cleanetic boast some of the best success rates with tackling stains that otherApplecross carpet cleaning companies couldn’t lift, there are some stains that are simply impossible to remove.

Sometimes blue tack, chewing gum, playdough, red wine, coffee stains, acidic stains, milk stains and grease stains are a special case and in the best-case scenario, we can help to break them down and make them less obvious.

We’ll use our wealth of experience and expertise to advice you up front whether we think we can lift any areas of concern. If you’re worried about costs, you’re more than welcome to send the pictures through to us and we can let you know what we think without having to come out and charge you anything.

Ultimately, no carpet cleaning company can 100% guarantee that they can remove any/all stains.


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With carpet cleaning prices at Perth's most affordable prices with no hidden costs, there’s no reason to put off getting your carpets cleaned a minute longer.

Call Cleanetic Cleaning Services now on (08) 6261 5940 now or fill in a contact form on this page and we’ll get back to you through your preferred method of communication.

And don’t worry about having to find time to duck out to an ATM before we arrive to draw cash out – we have EFTPOS facilities in our vans and are able to accept VISA and MasterCard (please note that there is a 2% fee that applies to using credit cards).

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